About Me

I’m Candace.

Child of God. Wife to my dearest friend, Brian. Mama of two little guys (Camden and Carson). And now, founder of Counting on Hope.

Before we had children, Brian and I were committed to a budget. We were Dave Ramsey nerds. Cash cars. 15-year mortgage. Debt-free. Giving. Saving. Investing. Negotiators. I was a price-matching queen with the groceries.

When our oldest son was diagnosed with autism just after the age of two, it started to get more challenging. We met families whose children were making major improvements (some even losing their autism diagnosis) thanks to things like a good diet, supplements, limiting toxins, quality therapy programs, the help of qualified doctors, etc. We adore both of our children, of course. We love them completely as they are. We also long to do all that we can to help them reach their full potential. So we are fighting. Fighting for our son’s health.

We have never gone without. And somehow we have managed to stay out of debt. I joke about how I wish Dave Ramsey would add an extra chapter to his Financial Peace book about how to stay out of debt with a special needs kiddo or a loved one with a chronic illness. When the heart is involved, logic has a tendency to take a back seat.

Counting on Hope was birthed as a way to help with our family finances. I wear a lot of autism t-shirts. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism. A white flag if you will. When we are out and about and my oldest son is struggling with things like stimming, meltdowns, transitioning, communicating, socializing, etc. I hope that people will see the autism message on my shirt and be understanding. Or just be aware. Most of the autism shirts I own are big and boxy and not too appealing. For some reason, it has not stopped me from wearing them. But that is about to change.

At Counting on Hope, it is our desire to create autism clothing that you can wear proudly.