Monster Jam

Our boys received tickets to Monster Jam in their Christmas stockings this year. Carson has been a fan of monster trucks since before he was two. One of my favorite video clips of him is when he was 2, singing “Come on Let’s Drive that Monster Truck.” Such a sweet baby voice. And then there was the time he was so jazzed about the monster truck wall decals that Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenna got him for his birthday. Swoon. From the ages of 18months to 3 1/2, he typically had a monster truck in one hand and Little Dog in the other. Carson and Samson

We took Carson to the Monster Jam pit party just before he turned 3 (Feb 2013). Carson monster truck bday

He had a monster truck theme for his 3rd birthday. dscf9618

Carson had this Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks dvd that he watched every single day for at least a year. Things happen so gradually sometimes in parenting that there isn’t always a defined moment when things shift, but at some point Camden started watching that very same dvd. He memorized the songs. He’d get out his alphabet puzzles and lay out the same words/phrases/names of monster truck drivers, that was shown on the screen. I posted the following picture on Instagram on February 4, 2016, which was exactly one year from when we took him to Monster Jam. monster jam dvd 2016

It was fun to see Camden involved in pretend play with his monster trucks. He’d get out the track that his dad had made for Carson’s 3rd birthday, and he’d reenact what he had seen on the videos. monster jam course play

I enjoy finding things for our family to do together, so I was thrilled at the thought of us going to Monster Jam this year. A little over a year ago, I never would’ve guessed that Camden would be interested in monster trucks, and I certainly didn’t think we’d all be going to Monster Jam. It’s really crowded and extremely loud. We were going for it!

I had picked up free passes for the Pit Party a couple weeks before the event. Unfortunately, I left those same passes at home on the big day. The box office was completely sold out. We had arrived at 2:30, and the actual Monster Jam didn’t start until 7:30. There was a super nice couple behind us in line that gave us two tickets. And then I found a guy that was selling the free tickets for $20 each. We negotiated and headed into the Pit Party. monster jam 2017 overview

My plan was to give us some time to see the trucks and drivers up close before it got really crowded, which did not take long. Camden was happy and a good sport, but he started getting a little uneasy/confused asking about the race. At that point, I realized I hadn’t clued him in. In his videos, the trucks are always racing or doing tricks. They aren’t just sitting there doing nothing. If I had a time machine, I would’ve explained it to him better and written him up a schedule. Something like this:

  1. see the trucks and drivers
  2. go back to the van to eat dinner
  3. watch the Monster Jam races

Lesson learned. We talked him through it, and he calmed down. Even as his mama, I can forget the importance of clueing him in to what is going to happen. So we checked out some trucks and drivers and all was well. img_8373


img_8376  img_8382  img_8385  img_8389  img_8396  img_8399  img_8406  img_8408  img_8421  img_8431  img_8433  img_8438

This picture with the boys and the driver of Stone Crusher is my favorite! They look like pals…like my boys could be part of the pit crew. stone crusher

I totally sound like my mother-in-law, but I had no interest in dropping a ridiculous sum of money on sub-par stadium food, so we went back to the van after the Pit Party and while we were waiting for Monster Jam to begin. As we were headed to the van, a couple of monster trucks drove by. Grave Digger drive-by

We ate dinner and chilled before heading back into the stadium. AT&T Stadium

We sat up high, but thankfully had front-row seats to give us a good view and more room. The incessant kicking from behind was unfortunate, but you can’t win ’em all. 🙂 Monster Jam seats

We knew we were taking noise-cancelling headphones for the boys. Brian picked some up for us that day, and I am SO GLAD he did! It would have been uncomfortable without them.

I LOVED watching Camden’s big smiles and excitement! monster jam smiles

AT&T Stadium was completely sold out! img_8478

Mom and dad have protection. 😉 Mom and dad headphones

img_8515  img_8520

I have looked at these pictures numerous times, but as I uploaded them onto my desktop, check out what I noticed on the monster truck above Camden’s head on the jumbo screen? Kind of fun. =) Camden Carson Monster Jam 2017

The free-style competition is my favorite. It was awesome! I am old and not a fan of crowds, so we bolted when there were three trucks still left to race. Between the drive home and getting up for church thr next morning, I say it was a good call.

This was a FUN activity for our family to do together. It also reminds me of a very important lesson that I can often forget…just because something is a certain way now, doesn’t mean it will always be that way. A year ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that Camden would’ve enjoyed a loud and crowded monster truck show. And I am sure that there are things he will do a year from now that I can’t even imagine today.

Looking forward to my next post when I share our new Autism Awareness designs!! I am CrAzY over the superhero one!! =)

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