Christmas Catch-Up

Boys are back to school. With the new year and the extra 10+ pounds I put on this year, I am visiting the gym. Oh my! So out of shape! After yesterday’s workout, I was wincing in pain this morning going down the stairs, putting clothes in the washing machine, getting in and out of the car. It’s bad. But I’m so glad to have started!

I’m sharing a recap of what’s been going on since December.

Carson had his Christmas party and class play the day before school got out. He was a shepherd. Super cute!



I was able to attend Camden’s class party as well. His GenEd class had a book exchange. He did great and was excited about his dinosaur book.


He also came home from school with some adorable Christmas crafts! My most favorite is this reindeer plate that was made with his hands and feet. LOVE IT! That kind of stuff is so special to me.


We attended the TACA Jingle Jamboree at a local gym. It was lots of fun and really nice to be with other autism families. We even got a fun picture with Santa. He was so nice!


It was fun to see Camden’s picture on the TACA website this month! =)


The weather was beautiful so we ventured out to Top Golf. We all had some great shots that day! I am convinced that my boys enjoy watching (and trying to nail) the ball pick-up cart just as much as playing.


I have a set day that I grocery shop, so when the boys are out of school, they have to come with me. During the summer, Carson would push a cart and get the produce for me. I would bring a snack for Camden and push him in one of the car carts that they have. I don’t love shopping and I can’t get easily distracted when the kids are doing their thing. It was easy to put Camden in the cart so that I could focus. He’s gotten way too tall to sit in the cart, and I knew it was time to transition. We went for it. And guess what? He did amazing!!


We loved the Christmas eve candlelight service at our church! It was super special having Camden there with us. The majority of the service was music, and since he loves Christmas, I was pretty sure he’d do just fine. We made sure to get front row seats in the balcony and I brought his popcorn to eat during the talking portion. Here he is waiting for it to begin.


During the service:


The boys afterwards:


We all enjoyed it, and it made my heart swell that we could all be together.

We stayed in our neck of the woods for Christmas. My mom stayed with us for a couple of weeks and my brother and his crew came for Christmas.

Carson’s favorite gift was a gas-powered 4-wheeler. Brian put together a scavenger hunt for him to find it. He was over the moon.


Here he is a couple days later after rain. He loves mud.


Camden was a little off Christmas morning, but once he found his groove, his favorite gift was his new Bazoongi trampoline. We’ve gone through several trampolines over the years. We had a one that we loved that had bungee cords. It was super bouncy, but over time he’d snap the bungee. Camden has loved to bounce since he was a little guy. At least by 1 1/2, I remember seeing him in his crib bouncing. I’d turn on the baby monitor and see his head seeming to almost hit the monitor. My friend, Lea, is almost an autism mama and her son loves his Bazoongi trampoline. Camden does too! Here he is Christmas morning. Look at those scrawny little legs sailing through the air. Cracks me up!

I LOVE hearing his language as he asks for Brian and I to help him play on the trampoline!

My brother and his crew came over Christmas day. We enjoyed having them with us!


One of the boys’ favorite thing to do over the Christmas break was a nighttime candy cane hunt with flashlights. We must’ve done this candy cane hunt 10 times at least. We’d hide the small candy canes and then the boys would look for them with their flashlights once it was dark. So simple. So fun.


My mom, Carson and I went to see Peter Pan 360 in downtown Dallas.


We putzed around Klyde Warren park before the show started.


The 360 theater was pretty neat.


The show had about 5 minutes left till I got this alert on my phone:


The TAKE SHELTER NOW part stressed me out when I thought about getting out of the crowd and theater and traffic, so we (and a couple other families) left as soon as we got the alert. The tornadoes were at least 45 minutes away and we had time to get home and get safe.

We also had families photos taken. My friend, Sheila (at Simple Piece), that does my website and t-shirts took them for us. I love having pictures of my guys!


We had lots of fun and lots of lazy over the break. Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!


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