Santa Run-ish 2015

This weekend I participated in my 3rd Santa Run 5k. It’s such a fun family-friendly (and pet-friendly) run. The proceeds go to My Possibilities, a full day continued education program for young adults with special needs in North Texas. Part of your registration includes a 5-piece Santa suit. A very cheap Santa suit. =)

The first year I ran with some of my awesome autism mama friends. I was so surprised as I crossed the finish line to see that Brian had brought the boys to see me. It was really special. Here’s a picture from the first year:

Santa Run 2013 Collage

Last year, I ran with autism mama friends. And again, Brian and the boys were waiting at the finish line. Here’s a picture from last year:


When the email came out this year to register, I asked Brian if he’d like to participate in it as well. Since we love the cause and since he and the boys are there anyway, we decided that we’d do it as a family.

We got Little Dog hooked up with a Santa hat.

Carson and Little Santa Dog

My dear friend, Beka, let us use their comfy jogging stroller. That was a huge help!


The weather was perfect…overcast and about 70 degrees. We arrived early enough to visit all the vendor booths. One of the vendors, Vignette Mobile Studio, had a 1971 VW van that dubbed as a photo booth. We grabbed some props, hopped in the back of the van, and got our picture made.


Then we found some elves and had to get a picture with them.

SantaRun elves

Carson dug the bounce house climbing wall.

Santa Run climbing wall

After treats and clowning around, it was time to line up for the run.

Santa Run line up

Here’s the hubs and I, and an important reminder to hold the camera up high when taking a selfie. Never ever ever take a selfie with the camera below your chin. Not smart.

Santa Run Brian and I

Camden chuckled a lot. He loved watching the people run by. There was some concern on his part regarding all the abandoned Santa hats/belts/pants/jackets. Carson would run for a while and then hop back in the stroller. Brian had the lovely task of weaving in and out of the crowd. He also had the task of wearing short pants due to the fact that I got Santa suits for both of us that were too small.

SantaRun2015 front and back

Carson doing his thang.

Carson clowning

Here we are right after crossing the finish line.

SantaRun 2015 finish line

Camden loves sitting at the finish line watching all the Santas cross.

Camden at finish line

He was so happy! =)

Camden and Mommy at finish line

I chatted with one of the board members (who has a young adult daughter with autism) after the race. Exciting to hear about some of the things My Possibilities has planned for the near future!! No parent ever has a kid and dreams about sending their son/daughter to day-hab, but I am so thankful that quality programs like this exist!!!

Need a good excuse to get some exercise? Grab some friends and sign up next year. You’ll be supporting a great cause!



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