PediaQ, We Love You!

Remember on Little House on the Prairie or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman when the doctors would make house calls? Well…the female Doc Baker just left our house, and I gotta tell you about it!

Illness hit Camden’s classroom last Friday. He was fine and dandy and we were happy dancing that we were in the clear…till Sunday afternoon. The kid started acting lethargic. He TOOK A NAP! He never takes naps, unless he’s sick. Man oh man, I love watching my guys nap. As my sister-in-law, Deb, would say, “He’s just so dear.” =)
Camden sick nappingThen he didn’t want dinner. Not like him to skip a meal. Look how pathetic he looks at the table. We took his temperature and it was over 100. =(
Camden Sick at DinnerLong story short, today was day three of symptoms. No matter what, we knew he’d have to get a doctor’s note for school. Like many parents, I hate the idea of dragging him (20 minutes) to his pediatrician’s office only to wait 30 minutes in the waiting room with lots of other sickly children. A couple of my autism mamas (thanks Lea and Rene!) had told me about PediaQ, a pediatric urgent care that comes to YOUR house!! Can you even?!?! Here’s the skinny:

PediaQ is committed to delivering a powerful on-demand urgent care solution to parents who desire dependable, high quality, convenient, and highly accessible urgent care for their children when their pediatrician is not available. PediaQ nurse practitioners are afforded the opportunity to spend significant time with patients, fully understand the complaint, carefully review medical information, and develop the right treatment plan.  The level of service and time spent with the patient and family provides you the comfort and peace of mind that’s not offered in the typical office visit, which lasts 10-12 minutes. PediaQ nurse practitioners spend a minimum of 30 minutes with your child and ensure that you are fully aware of the conditions and treatment options.

The nurse practitioners make house calls from 4PM-12AM Monday-Friday, and 8AM-12AM on weekends. I downloaded the app on my phone and at 4PM hit the button that says “request a nurse practitioner.” The app gave a message that there were three NPs available within 50 miles. We received a call 5 minutes later. The nurse introduced herself and asked about Camden’s symptoms. She told me where she was located at the time and how long it would take her to arrive. In the meantime, I turned on the Team Umizoomi “Doctor Bot” episode to get Camden’s head in the game. Brian shined shone turned on the flashlight in Camden’s throat and had him say “AAHHHHHH.” He did great. We were all set.

The doorbell rang and a very friendly lady introduced herself as Nurse Practitioner Karina. She was very polite and respectful, and she warmly greeted Camden and offered him a PediaQ mascot bear. While his enthusiasm seems a tad lacking in this picture, it was a super sweet gesture. I think he may have had his sights on a Thomas train set or a Labradoodle or something equally costly.PediaQ bear
Nurse Karina was great about talking to Camden and us about what would be happening. She was able to look in his ears and throat, which typically does not come easy. He rocked it. Then she wanted to check his heart rate and listen to his breathing. This is the first successful heart rate reading (not counting baby days) that we have ever had. That’s a pretty big deal in our world. Please look at how sweet this lady is and how smoothly it went.PediaQ heart checkThroat swab was up next. I was a bit uneasy wondering how he’d do. No one likes to be gagged. Hurl. The nurse showed Camden what she’d be doing and they did a practice “AAHHHH.”
practice runAnd then she gagged him. He didn’t love it, but he did it. That would not have happened in a doctor’s office.
strep testWe waited seven minutes for the Strep test and she answered questions and offered some suggestions. Super nice lady. I was obviously comfortable with the whole set-up because I continued making dinner. Sure can’t do that at our pediatrician’s office! Strep was confirmed and she called in the antibiotics. And just like that, it was the easiest doctor visit in the history of life with a kid on the autism spectrum. Autism aside, it was so nice not to feel rushed.

For those of you that have neurotypical kids and your pediatrician is five miles from you, this may seem like crazy business. But if getting your kiddo to the doctor is stressful or whatever, I recommend that you give PediaQ a try. If you use the code “First15” your first visit is FREE. That code is good through December 31. After that, you can use my referral code: 76XCI to get $50 off. I’d love to hear your experience!!


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