Summer Recap, 1st Day of School, and Big Church

Still somewhat dumbfounded that we wrapped up summer and have now completed the first week of school. I mean, I certainly knew it was coming eventually. It was just a really good one. No counting down the days till school started back. Sure, there were days when I was dog tired SPENT. But we had a good rhythm. No running to and fro. Camden had ABA therapy Tues/Wed/Thurs, which gave Carson and I a chance to meet up with friends, run errands, or whatever. We had a somewhat of a plan for Mondays and Fridays, but it was a fun plan. Some of my favorite summer moments:

Our trip to Ocean City, MD and spending time with my hubby’s side of the family.Boys on BeachThe 3rd annual Swing Fore Camden golf tournament and fund-raiser.Swing Fore Camden CollageSleeping in was fun.
Sleeping BoysLOTS of time playing in the water. My guys fell in love with the lazy river this summer. =)
Tom M Pool CollageWatching the boys do things together that they enjoy: Gymboree, TopGolf, the beach, riding bikes, music, etc.
PA VacayCarson ditching his training wheels.
Carson bike rideCamden asking Carson to “play trains” or “race”.
Play TrainsWatching the boys do fireworks for the first time.
Gettysburg Fireworks 2015Camden’s new-found interest in kayaks.Camden Kayaks
Hearing Camden read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Candace R on Vimeo.
How excited Camden was about his Jesus is My Superhero shirt.
Jesus is my SuperheroCarson’s enthusiasm for basketball camp.
Carson and Coach RobCarson’s cuteness as he ran his first lemonade stand.
Especially Needed Garage SaleWith sweet thoughts of summer in my heart (and now on the blog since my memory is shot), we geared up for the beginning of a new school year. Camden is in 1st grade this year. He spends 80% of his day in a self-contained class with 8 other students that span from grades K-5.  The first week went pretty well. We are still working on his schedule and trying to tweak a few things to help Camden reach his potential. I walked him to class the first day. I typically buy several new fun toys for the classroom to help with transition.  We had fun opening his stash. Then I had to go. And going is hard. Here are some first day shots:
Back to School 2015Forgot to share in the last post, but my little guy joined us in “big church” for the first time. In Kindergarten, the kiddos go to Sunday School the first hour and then join their parents in the worship center for church. I was unsure how he would do since he has some sound sensitivity and worship music can sure be loud these days. We brought his noise cancelling head phones and he rocked it! Here he is looking so big. And showing his love and loyalty to Little Dog. =)
Carson 1st Time Big ChurchAnd here are the boys enjoying the new play set Brian put together. It has a climbing wall, a cargo net climber, a fire pole, a slide, and an area below where the boys can play with their trucks. My sweet friend, Narci, gave us their wooden play set. Narci is the friend that took our family pictures last year. I love them! And her.
Backyard Playset Pool
Hoping everyone is off to a great start this school year!! Come on back next week. I may even be on schedule telling you about our most recent camping trip. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Summer Recap, 1st Day of School, and Big Church

  1. Kelsey Schwartz September 1, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    Camden is so so sweet! So glad you guys had a great summer! Wishing you s great school year!!

    • Candace September 1, 2015 / 9:32 pm

      Aw…thanks so much, Kelsey! Our summers haven’t always been so lovely, so I gotta relish in and document this one. =) We have a few tweaks to make with school, but I’m staying optimistic. Hope your AU friends are good. LOVE that you are spending a good chunk of your day caring for kiddos like mine. Does my heart good.

  2. Beka September 1, 2015 / 9:23 pm

    LOVE the summary! Can’t wait to hear about camping!

    • Candace September 1, 2015 / 9:33 pm

      Thanks, girlie! Yes, with all the mixed reviews on our camping destination you should be on pins and needles. =) Hoping for the best, and if that doesn’t happen I’ll have a lively blog post. 😉

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