Blood, Chuck E Cheese, and Lots of Water

Let’s go back in time together (again). Onto the 3rd week of August.

Once again we ditched out standard Monday routine. Camden was scheduled for a blood draw. Ugh. We were prayed up and had done a few things to help with his anxiety. Once we were in the car and he realized the plans were off kilter, he had a few questions for me. =) I told him that we were going to see Daddy at the doctor, then In & Out Burger, and then the pool. I thought he was going to be way more uneasy when we pulled up to the doctor’s office. He uttered a few “no thank yous” and that was about it. His pediatrician has a table (that I can’t remember the name of, for the life of me) like we used to have back in the day. He digs it. When we did this visit a year ago, we waited over 2 hours and by the time Camden got back to hand over his blood, it wasn’t coming out. Brian said it was no bueno. =( This time Brian and Camden went back together while Carson and I waited. It felt like forever and I just kept hoping and praying that he wouldn’t go through all that poking and torture for nothing. Sure enough, they got the blood! Brian said it was the easiest blood draw to date. I was so relieved.
Naidoo's Waiting RoomAs promised, we grabbed lunch and then went to a new pool. We checked out the Heights Family Aquatic Center in Richardson. Great pool for our family! Small enough where I could see both kids at all times, but big enough for variety. Camden loves him a lazy river, so he was a happy camper. They have a “vortex” where the water spins around like a giant toilet bowel. There were a lot of big trees and covered areas at this pool. When we first arrived, I noticed a young adult on the spectrum with someone who appeared to be his attendant. I try not to think too far down the road, but it was tough to watch this guy and wonder about Camden’s future. Fleeting thoughts.  The majority of the time there was filled with laughter and shenanigans. When my heart gets heavy like that, I think about this quote I heard from Pastor Tommy Nelson. He says, “Don’t let what you CAN’T control destroy what you CAN enjoy.” There is MUCH to enjoy with my guys in this season of life!
Heights PoolWe left the pool at 3:30 and still needed to swing by Costco and Whole Foods. Typically, we are home by this time. With our morning doctor appointment, we hadn’t gotten our groceries. It had to be done. Camden has a mild thing with planets right now so he was jazzed to see about 100 globes at Costco. Carson was handy loading up all the goods in our cart. I thought they’d be wiped out and challenging during this little excursion, but they rocked it!
CostcoWe are usually sitting down for dinner at 5PM, but on this day we were just walking in to the grocery store. We survived. The boys did great. We flexed. Later that night when we were playing in the backyard, Camden was watering the tomato plants. He can get a little wild and crazy with the sprayer. I love Carson’s face in this shot:
Camden WateringCarson made sure to return the favor when it was his turn:
Carson WateringMy dear friend and mentor, Barb, came in to town on Tuesday for lunch. We met at Cracker Barrel. As we were sitting in our van waiting, I could see Chuck E Cheese just across the way. Carson sees Chuck on commercials and has mentioned that he’d like to go. Selfishly, I was thinking, “Hey, if we go to Chuck’s, Barb and I will have more time to chat.” Not so much. Sub-par pizza, lots of noise, and since Carson had never been to an arcade, we had to show him the ropes. Barb is a great sport and really good with kiddos, so we had fun. I may have had a mild heart attack when Carson played ski ball. Oh my word. Anywho, Carson was thrilled to count up his tickets and trade them in. Barb and I had some time to chat while Carson played one of her games on the iPad. So good to have that time together! And since Carson didn’t like the pizza, I don’t have to worry about going back to Chuck’s. Win! Win!
Chuck'sCamden only had a half-day of ABA on Tuesday. When we picked him up, the weather was super pleasant…like 85 degrees, over cast, and breezy…in Texas…in AUGUST! We headed to Hope Park (also called Frisco Commons). This park can typically get packed, but on this day it was way chill. Hope Park is an all abilities park designed for all types of kiddos. There is lots of sensory stuff throughout the park. Camden has been talking a lot lately about “music school” (he was born into the wrong family for music school) and it was cute to see him playing with all the musical instruments. Lots of fun.
Hope ParkWe left the play area to head to the pond. The boys always like to go over there to throw rocks and check out all the turtles. Always nice to stop at the Veterans Memorial on the way to the pond and think about all the brave men and women who have fought for our country’s freedoms.
Veterans MemorialThen there was the rock throwing and ooohhhing and aaahhhing over the turtles.
Rock ThrowingAfter the pond we headed to the splash pad. The boys were in their shorts and I didn’t think they’d really get wet, but they did. They were so cute and tons of fun to watch.
Splash PadI shared how the weather was uncharacteristically mild on Wed. Well…an area church had rented out Hawaiian Falls on Wednesday evening for special needs families. We had pre-purchased our tickets for $5 each. There was talk of rain coming. We decided to go ahead and give it a try. The place was practically empty. It was fun and super sweet of the church to do this. It would have been REALLY wonderful if the weather was warmer. We were SO cold by the time we finally bailed. We stayed two hours and as we were heading out, it started to rain pretty hard. I only got one picture that evening.
AUG Hawaiian FallsEvery now and then I just can’t contain myself. I have to take a picture of my boys sleeping. So peaceful. So sweet. And these days are flying boy. On this particular morning, Camden was definitely not on his side. =)
Sleeping BoysThursday evening was Open House at Camden’s school. Lots of kids. Lots of noise. Chaos. School. Not so autism friendly. I debated on whether or not to have Camden go. On one hand, it might help with the back-to-school transition to let him know he’s switching from his summer ABA center to his school. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure he totally understands when we tell him what’s happening. It’s stressful to him to go to school when it’s not really time for school. So I decided to go on my own. I took his school supplies and it was nice to chat with his team and the other families.

Camden was up before 4AM on Friday, which is totally not normal for him anymore. We typically enjoy a water activity on Friday, and this was our last Friday before back-to-school, but I was so sluggish. We watched movies and chilled all day. That evening, I visited a dear friend up at Our Children’s House Baylor. Her daughter is going through their intensive feeding therapy program. Feeding issues are super common in autism, so it’s something I’m very aware of. It was really interesting to hear about their experience with feeding therapy. I loved the time with my good friend, Michelle, and her daughter. They have a large family, so it was special to spend time with just the two of them.

Our church had their “launch” on Saturday to kick-start all the new fall programs. There were food trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, etc. We had to check it out.FBC Launch
Oh, Summer. You’ve been so very good to us. It’s been the best yet!


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