Library, Fountain Show, and Skate for Life

I will catch up. I will catch up. Let’s see what I can recall about the 2nd week of August. I have no pictures from Monday, so I’m gonna assume we did our standard stuff. Camden had ABA Tues/Wed/Thurs. We picked him up early on Thursday from ABA. Here’s where Camden struggles. Even if he’s doing a non-preferred activity, he has a tough time changing his schedule. For example, he loves his mama but if I pick him up from school early, he gets really upset. Routine is big. We try to respect his need for structure, but life doesn’t always allow. Plus, if he just stuck with his routine, he’d miss out on a lot of great stuff. So when I dropped him off at ABA on Thursday, I encouraged his therapists to give him a heads up.

“Mom will be here in 30 minutes.”
“Your mom is going to be here in 10 minutes.”
“Okay, 5 more minutes and you are mom will be here.”
“Oh, look!…there she is.”

So that part went fine, but when I did pick him up, he figured we were doing our standard after-school routine. I told him we were going to Palio’s Pizza and the pool, and he tells me, “Apple juice. Popcorn. Camden’s house. Upstairs. Thomas and Friends.” He was not pleased about the altered plans. I called Palio’s ahead of time to order our pizza so that we’d have less wait and it wouldn’t be crazy hot. Good news…it was ready when we arrived. Bad news…I noticed it wasn’t gluten-free. We got it worked out and it gave Camden some time to calm down. Lunch was good and our time at the aquatic center was nice. It’s important for Camden (and his mama) to learn that life doesn’t always go as planned and to flex when it doesn’t.

On Friday, Camden asked to go to the library. He doesn’t ask for much, so when he uses his words to ask for a reasonable request, I try to make it happen. On the way in, Camden spotted the mounted police, or as we call them, the horse police. The officer was headed down the street, but when he heard the boys, turned back around to talk. SO nice!

horse police

The boys love returning their books in the drop box. We have to tell them each goodbye. My boys have a thing for non-fiction books about transportation.

Book return

Our friend, Lea, let us swim at her pool in the afternoon. Super fun and laid back. Very sub-par photos posted below:

Summer Last Week

Friday night after dinner we went to a splash pad in the area that does a fountain show in the evening. Camden and Brian took off to the play area, and I had a blast watching Carson watch the fountain show. =)

Fountain Show

Tried to talk the crew into going to a skate competition at a local skate park. Both boys love watching skater dude stuff, and Camden’s favorite show currently is the Backyardigans The Magic Skateboard. I couldn’t talk him into going, and once I was there, realized it was probably best. It was really hot and there was a lot of time waiting. Carson and I enjoyed it. I didn’t know this till we got there, but the event was put on by Cross-Eyed Skate. They are a local faith-based skateboarding ministry. Cross-Eyed Skate organized this skate competition in order to raise money for the family of Raymond Howell, Jr. and to bring awareness to suicide and bully prevention. Ray was a 14-year-old McKinney resident that took his life last spring after immense bullying. So sad. His parents were at the event. They were presented a check as well as a really neat skateboard that one of Ray’s good friends designed. Very moving. Most research reveals that somewhere between 50-75% of kids with autism are bullied. It’s on our radar. Probably many parents’ radar these days. Sigh. Anywho, I love that Cross-Eyed Skates organized this Skate for Life competition.

Summer Last Week-002


2 thoughts on “Library, Fountain Show, and Skate for Life

  1. Beka August 28, 2015 / 5:40 am

    You’re so pretty in that fountain show pic!! Very neat about the anti-bullying event! Love hearing about you guys doing life!

    • Candace August 28, 2015 / 9:43 am

      Thank you for the sweet compliment. Yeah, that anti-bullying skate gig was really neat. Since my boys both dig skate stuff, it’s neat to know there is a local faith-based skate ministry going on! Thanks for reading!!

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