Dentist Visit, Kinder Registration, Pool Fun and Sweet Friends

This particular Monday (first week of August), Camden had a dental check-up on the books. We did our standard Monday routine: Gymboree, Top Golf, lunch, and grocery shopping. On our way home we exited early to head to the dentist. Camden piped up to let me know we were supposed to go another direction. I explained that we were going to the dentist so they could look at his teeth. Anything out of the routine, whether it be a dental appointment or me picking him up from school early, is troublesome for Camden. We checked in and played in the lobby while waiting for Brian to meet us. Our last appointment didn’t go so well, so I asked Brian to come for support. We brought our own toothpaste that Camden is used to, and the hygienist used it to brush his teeth. I explained that the best chance of success would be to count to ten and then let Camden have a break. That’s what we do at home. As long as we count to ten, Camden knows the end is coming, no matter how fast or slow we count. It’s a simple trick that a former OT taught me and I still use it almost daily. The dentist came next to look at Camden’s teeth. We did the same count to ten trick. Camden wouldn’t lie on the table so they just did the best they could while he was sitting up. I had explained to him that once they finished looking at his teeth, we’d go to Target to get a train. I kept trying to remind him…”first teeth and then train.” This exam went WAY better than the last. Carson rode home with Brian while Camden and I went to Target. As we were headed down the train aisle, he spotted the new Blaze and the Monster Machines section. He loves this show on Nick Jr. and was delighted to find the trucks. $10 later and he was a happy camper! =)
Dentist VisitCamden had his typical ABA schedule Tues/Wed/Thurs. Carson and I dropped off his enrollment packet for Kindergarten at our church. We’ve been praying and thinking about what to do about schooling for him: homeschool, public school or private. He was granted a transfer to the school that Camden attends. Great school for Camden. When we went for open house it was so overwhelming. There are six or seven kindergarten classes. Carson has come so far and he’s such an amazing kid, but can sometimes get overwhelmed. Our church’s kindergarten program is two classes with eight kids in each class. Yes please!!! It was a no brainer for us in regards to what seemed like a good fit for our boy. One part of the enrollment form asked to “describe your child’s personality.” Here’s what Brian and I came up with:

Me: silly, friendly, easy-going, sensitive
Brian: friendly, encouraging, funny, sensitive

Carson is such a neat kid and it was fun to think on his personality and compare notes with his daddy. =) Here’s a picture of Carson before we dropped off his paperwork:
Carson and statuesOne of our local support groups, National Autism Association of North Texas, hosted a free family event at the Frisco Aquatic Center on Thursday evening. Camden had been with me the week before, so this time it was me and the little guy. We had gobs of fun!!!
Mom Carson Frisco Aquatic CenterSince Friday is our water play day, we headed to the Texas Pool for the second time. We love that it’s a salt water pool. Wasn’t nearly as busy this time when we went, so that was nice!
Texas Pool v2Friday night we hung out with a group of our dear friends and their families. We all worked together at Dallas Christian College back in the day. It was nice to get together, catch up, and laugh ourselves silly. On Saturday night, a bunch of my neighborhood playgroup gals got together for dinner. I’ve been friends with these gals for over seven years. We don’t do playgroup anymore. Now we mainly stick to Moms’ Night Outs. =) These ladies are amazing! We’ve celebrated and rejoiced together many times and we’ve walked alongside one another through some of the darkest days. Sweet people! The top photo is at the restaurant. The bottom is of us in the car after midnight. So hard to find a good stopping point. =)
Highpoint GNO
Camden started school yesterday. Hoping to get caught up soon!!


2 thoughts on “Dentist Visit, Kinder Registration, Pool Fun and Sweet Friends

  1. Beka August 28, 2015 / 5:43 am

    Love hanging with my girls!

    • Candace August 28, 2015 / 9:41 am

      DITTO!!! SO good for the soul!!

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