Basketball Camp, Lazy River, Train Tour, and our 1st Movie

Our typical Monday plan was a bit different as Carson had basketball camp at church. I later found out that our normal Monday morning destination was closed due to A/C problems. Super relieved that we didn’t show up. Those type of situations can cause great distress for Camden…when there is a change of plans. Anywho…YAY that it wasn’t even an issue.

I was a bit surprised that Carson was so gung-ho about basketball camp. He’s not a huge fan of loud noises and chaos (even organized chaos), but he did great! I think it helped that he was eager to learn more about basketball, he enjoyed the teen helpers at the camp, and he thinks highly of our Minister of Sports at church.
Carson Basketball CampCarson and Coach Rob
Camden and I spent time with our Children’s Minister (and my sweet friend) while Carson was ballin’ it up. We met up in the special needs room so Camden could play and we could chat. Love that there is a train table, bubble machine, trampoline, parachute, iPads, and all sorts of fun things in there for my boy!
Camden BubblesWe try to do a fun water activity on Friday. This particular Friday we met some of our good friends at the Tom Muehlenbeck Pool in Plano. We’d already been to this pool once this summer, but we found something new that my guys (especially Camden) LOVED. They have a lazy river in their indoor pool. Here’s a short clip of the indoor lazy river:

Lazy River at the Tom M Pool from Candace R on Vimeo.

What fun! So appreciated having a friend there to tag-team watching the kiddos and so that Carson had some sweet friends to play with.
Boys in front of Tom PoolTom M Pool CollageOn Saturday we attended a free event put on by Hunter’s Autism Specials. This family coordinates free or low-cost activities and events for families with children on the autism spectrum. We’ve seen the Museum of the American Railroad coming together in Frisco, and I’ve certainly been considering taking the boys since Camden loves trains. Every time we drive by there is a sign that reads “Big Trains Coming Soon” so we didn’t want to bring Camden until we knew he could see some trains. I appreciate that Hunter’s Autism Specials does these events as it’s comforting being with other families going through similar situations. There’s no stress over wondering what other people think. And you can’t beat the price! Sometimes we are hesitant to try new things because we think, “What if we spend the money, he hates it, and then we leave 5 minutes into the event?” When I signed us up for this event, I knew it was in the afternoon. We just were not prepared for how HOT it was. OH MY! First of all, it was just crazy hot outside. The first train we entered was an old sleeper car. It was really neat! But there was no A/C. In fact, there was warm air blowing. My husband lasted about 3 minutes till he had to bolt. Even though it was crazy hot, I am still glad we were able to go and check it out. A BIG “thank you” to Hunter’s Autism Specials for organizing this event and to the Museum of the American Railroad for welcoming us!
Frisco Train Museum PicWe came home from the train museum and were thrilled that some of our besties (and their crew) were spending the night with us!! They had just finished up a week of doctor visits at the Cleveland Clinic. I’m sure it would’ve been way more relaxing at that point to head home to their own beds, but it meant the world to us to have the time with them! I made brisket and such for dinner. We pigged out and just spent time enjoying each other and catching up. So good for my soul! They went to church and lunch with us the next morning and then headed back home. Here’s a picture of Paula and I. We’ve been dear friends since high school. She’s crazy amazing!
Me and PaulaThe pantry pana
My hubby is typically pretty set on how he spends the Sabbath. We go to church, eat lunch, and then relax and lay low at home. Well…our local TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) chapter had a family event on Sunday night that I wanted us to attend. TACA organized an event with Studio Movie Grill for our families to see the Despicable Me 3. For $5 we were able to see the movie and eat dinner. Camden was pretty uneasy on the way to the theater. He doesn’t love the car to begin with, so combined with the fact that he wondered what in the world we were doing going out on a Sunday evening, had him a bit perturbed. This was Camden’s first time at a movie theater. My little guy went to the theater once (unsuccessfully) and another time, successfully. Neither of my guys appreciate insanely loud noises, like are often found in movie theaters. The sound was lowered, but Camden still needed noise-cancelling headphones. SO thankful a friend there had an extra pair that we were able to use! Camden plays the Minion Rush app, so he’s familiar with the characters. We wouldn’t have tried a movie theater experience yet if it weren’t for TACA. They made it affordable for families, and just like the train museum experience, it was a HUGE relief to be with other families in the same boat. No one stressed that kids were walking around or making noise. I wasn’t sure how Camden would do. Certainly didn’t anticipate him sitting through the entire movie, but HE DID!! He probably asked a hand-full of times, “almost finished?” or “Camden’s house?” The quality of my pictures is horrendous, but it gives you an idea of the experience. A BIG OLE “THANK YOU” to TACA Texas for sponsoring this event and to Studio Movie Grill for giving us the opportunity!!! It was fun, and an important reminder for me to never ever underestimate my child.TACA Movie Event
I love you, summer!!!


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