Goodbye Grandmom, Camden Yards, Love Bugs and the TX Pool

Someone posted on Facebook today that we have FOUR weeks till school starts back. WOW! I’m still trying to catch up on my summer posts so that I’ll have these times to look back on. My memory STINKS, so I enjoy having them documented.

After a wonderful visit in PA, we had to say good-bye to our east coast family. That’s always hard.
PA GoodbyesSince we were flying out of BWI, we drove by Camden Yards for some pictures and t-shirts.
Camden Yards CollageCamden and I putzed around the harbor area while the others shopped.
Inner Harbor BaltimoreMy mother-in-law drove us to the airport. Here’s a shot of Camden watching her walk away till she was out of sight. =( She’s wearing the corral top.
Goodbye to GrandmomWe returned home after midnight. The next morning, Camden headed back to ABA therapy and Carson started music camp at our church. He had been super excited about it, and then was a bit apprehensive the first day at drop off. He had a blast! It was a 3-day camp and they had the concert in the evening of the last day. We had spent the afternoon at the pool, and Carson was WIPED OUT! He fell asleep during the 10 minute drive to our church and he was pretty out of it and emotional once we arrived. We made it through though. Here’s a picture of our little performer. The camp was called “God’s Love Bugs” and there were songs about bugs. Perfect since Carson loves lightning bugs and had just spent 2 weeks catching them in PA. =)
Love Bug CarsonCamden’s school has been encouraging reading through the summer. There’s an online system where you log what your kiddo has read. If they read five books during the summer they get points for their class and receive some reading stick thing. Since Camden likes to read, it’s a fun and easy way for him to participate. We aren’t on Twitter, but Camden’s librarian uploaded them. He likes non-fiction books about things that go. In this first collage, he’s reading Airplanes. In the second collage, he’s reading his current fav, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
IMG_4035Chicka Chicka Boom BoomA sweet friend that knows we prefer salt water pools, told me about the Texas Pool in Plano. It’s salt water and outdoors AND in the shape of Texas. Pretty cool! It was fun reading about the history of the pool on their site. While the pool didn’t have all the bells and whistles like some of the others we’ve visited, it was nice that I could easily see both of my boys from any point. You can see from this first picture that it’s pretty simple: small slide, bigger slide, diving board, shallow area, etc.
The Texas Pool overviewA few shots of my guys at the Texas Pool:
Texas Pool CollageWe still spend a good chunk of time doing water play in our backyard. The blow-up pool, the slide, and the water sprinkler and trampoline provide hours of entertainment. We’ve actually been quite shocked by how insignificantly our water bill has increased. These pictures of Carson in his goggles cracked me up! The kid is a nut! =)
Carson in GogglesAs I was laughing at him, I soon found myself busting through one of our camping chairs. My guys were thoroughly entertained. I was STUCK! My husband had to pry me out of the chair frame. It was lovely.
busting thru the chair


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