Summer: Week Four

We are back into the groove, after a wonderful vacation in Pennsylvania. I’m still reminiscing about it. Ah….

On Monday, I had lunch with one of my besties before connecting with the crew at the lake. Jill and I met when I was teaching at Yokota Air Base, outside of Tokyo. We traveled through Japan, China, Iceland, England, and New Zealand together. She’s a dear friend and awesome travel partner.Jill and CandaceJill dropped me off at Lake Codorus, where my family was spending the day. The lake is only a 25 minute drive from my sister-in-law’s house. Super convenient. We were in a spot with a nice swimming area, bathrooms and plenty of shade. My sister-in-law’s family had recently purchased kayaks off Craigslist, and they were sweet to haul ’em out to the lake. The boys had a blast! Carson had fun the kayaks, swimming, checking out the turtle habitats, chatting with his buddy Mr. Brandon, digging in the rocks, and throwing around the ball.IMG_4464
Camden loved riding in the kayaks and having Aunt Debbie bounce him up and down in the water. Camden at Lake CodorusAny time his cousin, Kai, is around, Camden tries to convince him to toss him in the air. I love these pics of Camden trying to persuade. =) Convincing KaiThe lake was so much fun on Monday that we did a repeat of it on Tuesday.2 kayaks
Wednesday morning, we hit the road early to make it to Ocean City. I’ve never been much of a beach gal. Growing up, we went to the mountains for vacation. My husband’s family is much closer to the ocean, so they went regularly. After our beach trip last summer and seeing how much my boys loved it, my fondness grew. Does my heart good to see them playing in the ocean and spending time with family and wearing big ole smiles! We had a wonderful first day on the beach! My mother-in-law was there. Brian’s younger brother and his family. And Brian’s older sister and her family. The weather was wonderful.OC Day One Beach
We went out to dinner that night and while we were waiting, there was a guy in the water doing some kind of water surfing kind of thing. It was a blast to watch.water surfer
Dinner was yummo and it was nice to be with our herd.Harpoon Hannah's
We woke up Thursday morning and went down to the boardwalk to rent a bicycle built for six. It was a fun way to scope out the scene.Boardwalk Bike
The weather wasn’t quite as cooperative Thursday. It rained off and on. We hung on the beach for a couple hours before a downpour.Beach Day 2
We went out for dinner and then played miniature golf. Camden played one hole. He got a hole-in-one and was finished after that point. He spent most of his time at the play area. Carson totally enjoyed himself. I hung with Camden and took on the photographer role. Lots of laughter and clowning around from the masses. We pulled out of the mini golf place and Grandmom suggested going for ice cream. Carson was shocked and thrilled to be continuing the party and the sheer fact that we were going for ice cream instead of bed.Nicks and MiniGolf
We had to check out of our hotel Friday by noon, so our little family and my sister-in-law headed down to the beach for one last hoorah. The weather was perfect. Hardly anyone on the beach and lots of dolphins to be seen. I’m new to the beach seen, and with all the shark talk I just about had a heart-attack when I spotted the first fin above the water.OC Beach Day 3
Once we all checked out of our rooms, my mother-in-law, our little family and my brother-in-law’s crew went to the boardwalk to have lunch and putz around. Camden LOVED watching the games in the arcade. His cousin, Grace, was sweet to show him the ropes. After our dinner prayer later that evening, Camden shared that his blessing was “Ocean City.” This mama is quickly growing in her fondness of the beach!Boardwalk
We all got together at my sister-in-law’s that evening to celebrate Camden’s very early 7th birthday. His special day is July 22, but it was a good opportunity to celebrate with the extended family. Grandmom made the cake.Camden 7th Bday
After celebrating the birthday boy, we drove to Gettysburg to watch fireworks. My niece, Kaila, brought sparklers. It was the boys’ first time to do fireworks and they had a blast. So fun for me to see them trying new things and smiling so big.Gettysburg Fireworks 2015
Sunday morning we attended the church were my sister-in-law’s family goes. At the beginning of the service it was quiet and Camden not-so-quietly says, “Shalom!” I took the boys out of the sanctuary after the music, and Brian later told me the pastor spoke from Luke 10. Verse 5 says, “When you enter a house, first say ‘peace (shalom) to the house.'” =) Good timing! We went to lunch and then headed to the golf course for the Swing Fore Camden fundraiser. It was AMAZING!! Swing Fore Camden Happy Day


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