Summer: Week One

It was a really good first week of summer. Always brings mixed feelings for me though. Incredibly grateful for Camden’s summer ABA team. This is our third summer with the center, and we love them and they adore Camden. The therapists are fun and super qualified. Camden attends three full days during the summer. It’s always my personal goal that Camden would master out his IEP goals during the summer and work on some additional goals. It’s good for him to have the structure that comes with ABA as well. So, while we love our ABA center and we are extremely grateful for the generous support we receive, I find myself in tears at the beginning of each summer. Celebrating all that we do have, but grieving over what is not. Yearning for a “normal” summer…whatever that means. Thankfully, we did have a great week and the times when Camden is away, his therapists are wonderful about taking pictures and videos for me to watch. That helps a lot.

Monday, I spent a good chunk of time at the shop getting the brakes replaced on our van. Other than that, there was flower picking, swimming in the kiddie pool, last tee ball game, laughter, and chilling. It was lovely.Summer2015Week1Mon
Camden has therapy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Carson and I hung at the park and did some bike riding. After Camden got home, we played in the water a lot. The boys have been spending a good chunk of time playing with the Hot Wheels tracks.Summer2015Week1TuesThursI needed to make Camden some gluten-free play-do to use at his summer ABA program. Typically, I make this one from Mommypotamus. I like it, but decided to try a different one that popped up in my newsfeed. It’s this one from Canaries in the Kitchen. I followed the recipe exactly the first time. As soon as the play-do started to pull away from the pan, I removed it from the heat. Our play-do was really sticky. Even after adding extra flour, it was sticky. Made another batch and left it on the burner till it formed into a play-do ball. Perfect. We added lemon essential oil. Yummm. I like it even better than the Mommypotamus recipe I had been using. This one doesn’t leave residue and feels most like real play-do. It’s my new go-to.Carson Play-DoOur town hosted a bike race on Saturday. Since the starting line was walking distance from our house, we rolled out of bed and headed to watch the bikers. It was neat to see so many different types of bikes. There were a lot of folks in the race. Camden was in his element. He’s still loving his adaptive bike!Bike RaceThen there was more pool time and water play. Trying to talk my hubby into a bigger above-ground pool when they go on 80% clearance at the end of the season. Gotta research above-ground salt water pools.Pool Smiles
Some of my dearest friends (that I met when I lived in Japan 15 years ago) came to visit this weekend. It was a short visit but so good to see them.Tillery Visit
LOVE this shot of my boys under the rainbow!!Under the rainbow
Anywho, extremely grateful for a good start to summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer: Week One

  1. Beka June 17, 2015 / 9:01 am

    What a great post! That rainbow was awesome, wasn’t it?! Cool play-dough! You’re such a fun Mom!

    • Candace June 17, 2015 / 9:48 am

      Yes, the rainbows were amazing!! Thanks for your sweet encouragement! Means a lot coming from Super Mom. 🙂

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