Biker Dude

If you follow Counting on Hope via Facebook, you may have seen one or two a lot of my posts about Camden’s new bike. If not, let me tell you ALL about it, because I LOVE to talk about it! Seriously, in a week’s time, Camden went from this:

Camden in the bike trailer
to this:


Still amazes me! I first learned about Ambucs from one of my besties, Paula. Her spunky/beautiful/huge-hearted youngest daughter is legally blind and they had received an adaptive bike from Ambucs. I remember being wowed thinking how cool it was that through the gift of this bike, Scout was able to do something with her family that she hadn’t been able to do previously. Since I am continually looking for things for our family to do together, Scout’s adaptive bike came to mind when I was thinking about Camdenator. Here are some pictures of Scout riding her 2nd adaptive bike. I LOVE this one!!

Scout riding her adaptive bike

Camden is a cautious fellow (though he gets more bold all the time) with gravitational insecurity (meaning he doesn’t like it when his foundation seems unstable) and low muscle tone.

We enjoy going to the park. There was the season of strollers…and then the season of walking…then we transitioned to my youngest son wanting to ride his bike or scooter. That’s when my friend, Danielle, gifted us with a bike trailer. Camden loved/loves it, and it works great for us. I want Camden to get exercise and I want him to be as involved as possible in life. So I set out to learn more about Ambucs. Camden’s Adaptive PE teacher helped guide me to the location that would be best for our family. We completed the application and waiver and submitted them to the Grapevine Ambucs group in November. Four months later, we received a call that Camden’s bike was being delivered that day! Here are a few pics from that first day:

Camden's First Day with His Bike

The bike is such a great fit for Camden. The seat gives him back support. The pedal straps keep his feet in place. The three sturdy wheels give him the balance and security he needs at this time in life. This next shot is one of the main reasons I wanted Camden to get an adaptive bike. It makes for a more even playing field for him. He can ride with his little brother, race down the street, and join in with the neighborhood kids. Seeing Camden pedal with urgency and watching that big ole smile plastered to his face as he says “go faster” does this mama’s heart some good!

brother bikes

We bike a lot to the parks in our area. This week, Camden took the next step with his bike, going from our street to the park. That was exhilarating for me to observe! He’s learning to stop and look for traffic before we cross the street. It’s so cute, because he wants to do the same things he’s seen his little brother do…like riding through the water.

Boys riding in the water

and flying down the ramp of the portable building…

We are incredibly grateful to the folks at Grapevine Ambucs for loving on Camden and our family with the kind and generous gift of an adaptive bike! It’s been huge for Camden! You can learn about the history of Ambucs and some of what they do by watching this video entitled “The History of AMBUCS and It’s Should Together Mission.” Ambucs builds ramps for people with limited mobility, they offer scholarships for students going into PT/OT/ST, and they provide adaptive bikes for disabled veterans and people with special needs. We applied for the bike in November and received it in March. The waitlist varies from location to location and based on the number of applicants, but I was surprised by how quickly we received ours.

I have had numerous people ask me what type of bike we received. It’s an Amytryke ProSeries Model #1412, except Camden’s has traditional handlebars. You can check out the 2015 Amtryke catalog for various options.

Amytryke #1412

Just have to say again how grateful we are to the folks at Grapevine Ambucs for Camden’s bike! And a big “thank you” to Camden’s Adaptive PE teacher for being so supportive to help us connect with Grapevine Ambucs!

Also, Autism Awareness Month kicks off tomorrow. TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) has provided some wonderful superhero graphics that you can use for your profile picture this month.

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They’ve also created a calendar to give you ideas for Autism Action this month. Awareness is good and important. Action is imperative for progress! You can read today’s blog post by TACA founder, Lisa Ackerman.

TACA April Calendar