Our Little Guy’s 5th Birthday

Gotta give a shout out to my little guy, Carson, in honor of his 5th birthday!! I am so grateful for this boy! Carson brings so much joy and fun to our family. This is a kid that loves his Little Dog, his family, and his adventures. I’ve been a little sad about this birthday. I know there is tons to look forward to, and I am certainly excited about the future. This has just been a really sweet season. I love his innocence and faith and curiosity about everything. No matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby.my baby

Here’s a peek at Carson through the years. Blows my mind.

Carson thru the yearsAnd this gives you a teeny tiny idea of how much he loves that Little Dog…that germ-infested, mangy, filthy-looking, eye-scratched, hole-y-nosed mutt…that we all love dearly and would be heart-broken if anything happened to. We spend a great deal of time searching for L.D. That dog is like our family mascot. He’s made it into all of the yearly photos and our family Christmas pictures.  

Carson and LDAnd this one shows you of his love for his big brother, Camden. Carson is an amazing little brother. Sure, he aggravates and agitates like all siblings, but he loves and protects Camden fiercely. And I adore and appreciate how Carson continues to work to get Camden to play and interact with him. I truly believe that a great deal of Camden’s growth has come from the relationship he has with his little brother. The boys had separate bedrooms until last April. Carson told me the other night how lonely he was until they starting sharing. I love that.

Carson and CamdenThis boy loves his adventures! It’s so much fun to watch him do life. He’s a really cool kid. He loves obstacle courses, trucks, riding bikes, sports, camping, and anything destructive. 
Carsons AdventuresI love that our boy has a St. Paddy’s birthday. May it always be a reminder of the treasure he is to his daddy and I.

This video slideshow gives a peek into our sweet treasure.

Carson turns 5 from Candace R on Vimeo.

Happy birthday from Little Dog

Dear Carson,

Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy! How did we get here so fast?!?! You are such a blessing, kiddo! I love spending time with you.  Five of my favorite things to do with you are:

  1. Bedtime: I love snuggling with you before you fall asleep. You’ve got your dog by the neck, nose-to-nose, and sometimes you say the sweetest things or ask interesting questions. It’s a very peaceful time.
  2. The grocery store: You are so much fun when we go grocery shopping. You love to push a cart while I push another one. You are always the produce guy, handling all the fruits and veggies. Of course, you’ve got to cut up and be a goof ball along the way, and you are always keeping your eyes peeled for free samples.
  3. Watch you with Little Dog: You are still attached to Little Dog. The only thing that has changed with him this year is that he typically stays in the when we go into various places. If you are riding in the car, watching tv/relaxing, or sleeping, you want LD with you. His nose is a mess. It has been for a while. There’s a big hole in it. A lady from church fixed it, but you missed the old fabric, so you pulled it apart to be able to rub it. That dog is a mess, but he’s like our family mascot. We all love him.
  4. Devotional time: When we have our devotional time at night, I love hearing you sing. SUCH a sweet voice. Sometimes you get all into the motions. It’s awesome! Seriously precious to hear you talk to God. You are so sweet and comfortable. We pray for a different family member each night, and it’s fun to hear what you say. Tonight we prayed for Hayden, and you started off, “Dear God, thank You for Hayden and he’s my favorite guy.” (you have several “favorites”)
  5. School time: We do some simple schooling-type work at home a couple days a week. It’s been a really special time. You got mad at me one time, but other than that, it’s something we both enjoy. It’s nice to have that 1:1 time to totally focus on you without any other distractions. You’ve been a good listener and we usually find plenty to be silly about.Those are several things I like to do with you, but really and truly, it’s just a lot of fun to be around you. You bring a lot of joy and excitement to our home. You help push us to try new things. You certainly crack us up.

I am so very thankful to be your mommy. It is easy to love you and it’s a big honor to be loved by you in return. You are an awesome little guy!

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be.

I love you,



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