Spring Break or Bust

Spring break can be a challenging time for parents of children with special needs. The lack of structure from being out of school can be tough on many kids with autism. It can also be hard to do fun outings if you are concerned about your child bolting or wandering off. I was VERY grateful to have my in-laws visiting this week from Maryland. Having them here also meant that my husband took off work. Woo-hoo!! Having all these extra adults around gave us the opportunity to venture out and do special things together. We enjoyed playing at some of our favorite stand-by spots, and we had a blast trying some brand new adventures! Here are a few highlights:

Monday: It was pretty rainy and cold, so we were the only family to show up for Family Play at Gymboree. The staff here has been so great to our family! Last summer several of our other autism friends signed up to do a class with us. My ASD kiddo loves music, so Gymboree has been great for him as he does enjoy the tunes, as well as having an opportunity for gross motor movement, pretend play, imitation, etc. For our family at this season of life (my big guy really is probably too big), I can’t say enough great things about them. One of Camden’s goals for Adaptive PE is to jump forward with both feet. He’s a pretty cautious kiddo, so we were shocked and thrilled when he jumped off one of the platforms after class. Check out the video below! After Gymboree, we let the boys putz around ToysRUs since the little guy had some birthday money to blow. Before heading home, we stopped by In-n-Out for lunch. We let Camden eat there once a month, and he loves it.

Fun at Gymboree playing with the bubbles, the parachute, and make-believe safari jeep.
Fun at Gymboree playing with the bubbles, the parachute, and make-believe safari jeep.


Here's how Camden ended up taking the plunge...his little brother grabbed his hand and gave him no choice!
Here’s how Camden ended up taking the plunge…his little brother grabbed his hand and gave him no choice!

And the video of Camden jumping completely on his own…YAHOO!!

Gymboree Jump from Candace R on Vimeo.

My little guys enjoying lunch at In-n-Out Burger
My little guys enjoying lunch at In-n-Out Burger

Tuesday: We decided to try something new, and I am so glad we did! Our boys had never been to a bowling alley. Camden bowled once when he was in PPCD during Special Olympics. I knew that Hunters Autism Specials had a 20% off coupon for Strikz in Frisco, but since we decided to go on Tuesday when it was half-off, we didn’t need the coupon. I was told that the “Rose Room” was less crowded, so we went that route. We paid $11.50 to have the lane for an hour, and then the cost to rent shoes ($2.75 for kids and $3.75 for adults). With the bumpers up on our lane and a ramp for the balls, the boys were able to bowl independently. They had tons of fun! It’s a bit tricky to get good pictures at a dark bowling alley with black lights, but you get the idea.

Our first time to bowl as a family.
Our first time to bowl as a family.

Wednesday: We swam at an indoor salt water pool that’s not too far from our house. It’s something we enjoy doing as a family, and my mother-in-law loves going with us when she’s in town. After the pool, we had a very late lunch at Cracker Barrel before moving on to an extremely muddy park.

the pool

Thursday: My in-laws had to leave this day as they had planned on stopping in Branson on their way back to Maryland to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. My hubby and little guy have been to Top Golf several times, but Camden had never been with us. We decided to go Thursday morning. We called ahead and used the 50% off coupon from Hunters Autism Specials.


During our visit, the staff at Top Golf was over-the-top accommodating. They were super nice…happy we were there…came to check on us often. I had reserved the bottom (of 3) floor thinking that my husband would prefer that for safety reasons with Camden, but the hubs wanted us to move up to level 2. It was chilly, but our server turned on the heaters at our station, and it was perfect. At first, Camden watched his little brother before quickly letting us know that he was ready for his turn. Brian, Carson, and Camden did great taking turns during the hour we were there. They seemed to equally participate and equally enjoy themselves.

A successful new adventure at Top Golf!
A successful new adventure at Top Golf!
Tee time with Camden
Tee time with Camden

Grandmom and PopPop headed out to make their way back to Maryland. We’re so glad they came to spend time with us, and we had such a great visit with them during Spring Break. It was sad to see them go. We tried to keep busy and not think too much about it.

Car Wash


4 thoughts on “Spring Break or Bust

  1. Danielle Gibson March 15, 2015 / 10:03 am

    My favorite part? Little brother leading the way in the jump! Praise God for little brothers who can lead the way!

    • Candace March 15, 2015 / 1:52 pm

      =) So true, Danielle. Carson gave him NO choice. =) In the first picture, Camden is pointing and saying, “oh Mommy.” Carson jumps grabs him and goes for it. It’s a good thing! Btw, I LOVED your Spring Break post!! Glad you had a great time with your babies. 😉

  2. Beka March 15, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Yah for an awesome week!! Looks like you guys had a TON-o-fun!! We stayed home wiping noses and cleaning up poo poo. =) Hey, I sure like seeing that Charlie’s soap bucket in the car wash picture. =)

    • Candace March 15, 2015 / 1:58 pm

      We did have a blast, Beka! You spotted the soap bucket, eh? Try to divert your eyes from the nasty chips that showed up in the pics from Carson family bday. We are a work in progress. =) Goodness…sounds like you had quite the “character building” week. =( So sorry, lady! I do SO admire how you choose to stay home with your sweet kiddos day after day and be there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s hoping for a healthy week ahead…maybe even a little sunshine.

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