Groundhog Day

One of the gals that goes to church with us is linking up with some other bloggers for Show and Tell Tuesday. Bloggers were asked to share about their Groundhog Day…that day that you would pick to do over and over and over again (like the movie Groundhog Day). Shay, the gorgeous, talented, sweet, Mix and Match Mama, shared about the day she’d love to repeat. Obviously, I am a day late and a dollar short, but still thought it’d be fun to share. It’s always nice to think about the good stuff!

The day I would repeat over and over would be July 2, 2014.

It was our first time back to the beach as a family since Camden’s autism diagnosis. In no particular order, here are some things that made it so great (*note: the pics aren’t the greatest, but the experience and my memories of the trip ARE!):

1. This first picture shows how much progress Camden has made with sensory stuff. There was a day that all this sand on him would have been a major stressor. On this trip, he loved sitting in the sand and having the waves crash on him.


2. I adore seeing my boys enjoy and experience fun things together. This picture of them on the beach makes me smile and is such a sweet reminder of that trip.

boys beach

3. Autism can be a bit isolating. We probably don’t hang out as much as many families. While seeing Camden on the beach was my favorite part for him, watching Carson enjoy time with our family made my heart burst with joy. So nice for him to be able to relax and be himself and just enjoy being with all these people that he loves and love him.

Carson Beach Collage4. Going to eat yummy food with the whole family was so much fun. Just laughing and talking and gorging ourselves. Nom nom. Ya know, the food was good, but it was WAY more about the experience of seeing all those sweet faces around the table. This first restaurant is my hubby’s fave. He says he would’ve married the bread girl if we hadn’t met.

Harpoon Hannah's

IMG_1583 5. The evening we spent at Jolly Rodger Amusement Park was so much fun!! Carson LOVES American Ninja Warrior, so when we saw the obstacle course, his heart skipped a beat. He went through that course six times. So much fun seeing him have SO MUCH FUN! =) It was such a nice evening, and really neat to be out and about playing with the family.

Jolly Rodger6. Always fun to get away and get some sun with this hottie.

Us at Harpoon Hannah's

7. The absolute best part was simply being together. I hear LOTS of stories about unsupportive families to those with a kiddo on the autism spectrum. We are so very fortunate that my family and Brian’s family are totally supportive. Being with people who really know you and love you just as you are is so relaxing. It was so so good! It was really encouraging for our little family to see that we are making progress. We are getting back to doing “normal” things and it’s a blast! For several months after this trip, Camden would ask, “go to beach.” I love that he loved it! =)

Family at Ocean CityFor the record…my favorite Groundhog Day BEFORE Brian and the boys would be camping/laughing/exploring/hiking around Iceland when my little sister came to visit. WHAT A BLAST!!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m sharing a few non-food free printables and ideas that I like a lot:

1. I “Wheelie” Like You a Lot Valentine. I love this one since my boys are so in to transportation. One commenter suggested importing the graphic into PowerPoint and then you can use text boxes to add your kiddo’s name. Worked great!

2. Parachute guy valentine. My boys love dropping those plastic parachute figures from the top of the stairs. I think these are fun.

parachute valentine
3. You Rule, Valentine. This would be fun for Camden since he’s in kinder. Party City has brightly-colored rules that have the alphabet stencils on them. I am going to incorporate this idea with the Party City rulers. You rule4. Orange You Glad We’re Friends? My guys love oranges. This one is super cute and healthy.


I always enjoy hearing other people’s stories. Any day that you’d love to do over and over? And if you have any valentine ideas, please share! =)

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Kelsey Schwartz February 13, 2015 / 6:48 am

    Candace, check this out for Camden!

    I know you mentioned before about finding a bike for Camden. I didn’t really look into these bikes but they are having a giveaway that someone on my Facebook entered so that is why I heard about it!

    • Candace February 13, 2015 / 9:14 am

      Hi Kelsey!! Thank you so much for thinking about Camden for this bike! Super sweet of you! Funny, as I have seen two of the entries on my FB feed this week. The word must be spreading. =) We are actually on the home stretch of receiving our adaptive bike through Ambucs. I am soooo excited!!! Hopefully, I’ll be blogging about it soon. =) Thank you again for thinking of us. That means a lot to me.

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