Say Cheese

Last spring I helped a photographer friend, Narci, with an all-day photo shoot. In exchange, I got a family photo session.  Score! I love a good barter!

Narci goes to the same church as our family and she’s spent some time helping in the special needs class that Camden attends. She is beautiful, super sweet, and a very talented photographer. You can check out her site here.

We chose our local downtown area since it’s close and a new backdrop for our pictures. The weather was super nice. I am always hopeful during family pictures, but realistic, as it is tough to get us all looking at the camera and smiling. Downtown worked out well since it’s close and Camden loves to watch cars drive by. That seemed to keep his attention. When we first saw Narci, we all greeted and she kneeled down to talk to the boys. Camden leaned in and kissed her! Totally not the norm for him. It was so very sweet. Narci is fun and easy to work with. She was great with giving instruction and had plenty of entertainment to keep little boys amused. =) We made our way around the square to capture various backgrounds.  After the shoot, we waited…and I seriously wondered if we’d have any usable images. When Brian and I looked through the pictures, we were both so pleased with how Narci had captured our crew. Here are some of my favorites:

Brothers 2
Family 2
Camden 2
Carson 2
The Mom and DadBrothers 1

Family 3
Camden 3
Family 1
Carson 3
DSC_9564Camden 1
Mommy and BoysDaddy and Boys
I am extremely grateful and thrilled to have these images to hold on to! A HUGE “thank you” to Narci and her skillz!! =)


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