Santa Run-ish


This past weekend was my 2nd annual Santa Run-ish. “Ish” because well…”run” would be a lie from the devil. I signed up for the 5K because it supports a great cause. The proceeds go to My Possibilities, a full day full year continuing education program for people with special needs who have aged out of secondary education. My biggest motivation for signing up was to work on my health. The 5K was fun, but I was disappointed that I didn’t train more. Last year, I was walking/jogging/running five days a week. I felt stronger and healthier. This year leading up to the event, the weather was cold, I was in a funk, had a sick kid, etc. Excuses. In spite of all that, it was a ton of fun!

The weather was really nice that morning. Sweet friends to share the experience with. The vibe was fun and laid back. Hard to be too serious when you’re wearing a cheap Santa suit, I suppose.

SantaRun Collage

Last year, I was so surprised to see my husband and boys when I crossed the finish line. It meant a great deal to me that Brian would go to the effort to bring our guys.  Not sure I would have been so brave. It was cold last year, so for them to endure the car ride (my big guy doesn’t love the car), have to find a parking spot, traipse around unfamiliar territory to get to the finish line, and brave the chilly temperatures was really sweet and meaningful. I was jazzed to see them again this year when I crossed the finish line. May those sweet faces help motivate me towards better health.

SantaRun Grop


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