What a Week!

The past seven days have been exciting!!

We officially launched the Counting on Hope site on Monday!

On Tuesday, I met up with Sheaffer, from Pinterest Told Me To, for an amazing shopping spree!! She blew me away with $1,000 worth of gift cards to Nordstrom’s and lots of other goodies. I am not a huge shopper and don’t typically love trying on clothes, but we had a BLAST! She made it super fun and low stress for sure! Sheaffer is such a sweet gal, and her humor is so good for someone like me who tends to get a bit too serious. We laughed, shopped, gabbed, and ate. The timing for her post was perfect, not just because I struck gold but because she has been BEYOND gracious to plug our site. We have shipped shirts all over the US this week! YAY! You can check out her teaser post about our shopping trip here. And our actual shopping shenanigans here. And here ,she showed how Nordstrom’s loved on my boys with some new kicks. Here’s my favorite pic from the shopping fun:


And here’s the picture collage that Sheaffer put together for the kids’ shoes post:

boys kicks

The most precious part of Tuesday was celebrating our sweet Camden’s 6th birthday! I shared the Happy Birthday letter with you guys last week. We decorated the house with Thomas the Train decorations. That evening we went to In & Out (My boys know it as “Mr. Bruce’s” because of the really nice man, named Bruce, that works there.) for dinner. 99% of Camden’s meals are made by his mama, so this was a special treat. Then we traipsed over to Toys R Us so he could spend some of his birthday loot. We headed to the Thomas section and explained that he could choose three trains. He seemed to understand what was being asked of him, and he gladly complied. It was really neat for us to get to see him make a fun choice like this. After that, we drove to our sweet friend, Melissa’s, house to swim in her salt water pool. Camden has not been a water kid until recently.  Both of my boys are pretty cautious, so it’s been great to see them loosen up, get more comfy in the water, and to have Camden requesting for “swimming pool.” Once we got home, we tried out the awesome bike trailer that my pal, Danielle, sent for Camden.  *We aren’t giving up on Camden riding a bike, but we always look for ways to include him. He did great riding the Radio Flyer tricycle, until his legs got too long. Camden has gravitational insecurity and is working to build strength in his core. Still trying to figure out what is best for him bike-wise…a traditional bike with training wheels or possibly an adaptive 3-wheel bike for bigger kids. I’ll be researching that in the near future. Anywho, we’ve had a blast with the bike trailer! He jams to his praise music while we bike. Love him! Here are some pics of the big boy’s special day:


Boys at Toys R Us

Camden Swim

Boys Swimming

Camden Trailer

Guys on Bikes

On Wednesday morning, we loaded up to take Camden to ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy/social skills group, and our car wouldn’t start. Camden is a kid who loves routine. When he realized the car wasn’t going anywhere, he started to get uneasy. I’m telling the boys, “Everyone just calm down (in my NOT calm voice).” It was hot. I knew we were going to be late for ABA, if we made it at all. I was thinking about Tuesday’s shopping spree, and wondering when someone would return my glass slipper. Called my knight in shining armor, and he drove home (20 miles in the Texas summer heat with no air conditioning in his truck) to help. He switched out the battery, saved the day, and got us on our way. Ahhh…the glass slipper was returned.

I was kidding about the whole glass slipper bit, but I did start thinking about the Tuesday shopping spree versus the Wednesday reality. Everyone goes through ups and downs. I long to not be so jolted when things go awry. To be the same (or close to it) friend/mom/wife whatever the circumstance. I’ve already been told that I will have troubles in this life, so I shouldn’t be surprised. You know one of the things that helps me through the highs and lows? This guy:

Brian Candace in color Today we are celebrating 8 years of marriage. So very thankful for his friendship, humor, steady-ness, loyalty, love for his family, support, commitment to the main things, and his inability to keep his hands off of me. Cheesy, but I truly am grateful that God blessed the broken road that led me to him. I found all I waited for and I could not ask for more. Bet you can’t guess any of our wedding songs. 😉

Wedding Day

Happy anniversary, Love!





4 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. Beka July 29, 2014 / 10:46 am

    B-E-A-utiful wedding pic!!! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing!!

    • admin July 29, 2014 / 12:54 pm

      Thanks chica! You are always such an encourager!

  2. Kelsey Schwartz July 31, 2014 / 9:13 pm


    My home client from the Vista School is 11 and he recently learned to ride a Sun Bicycle Adult Trike at school (we even teach kids how to ride bicycles and scooters!) and his parents bought him one last week for home! I have been practicing with him this week during our break from school! Camden is too tiny for this bike at this age but this would definitely be an option for a few years from now! If I hear of anything for kids his size, I’ll let you know.


    • admin August 2, 2014 / 9:48 pm

      How exciting, Kelsey! That’s gotta be so sweet for the kiddo and his family! I LOVE anytime we can find something that everyone in our family can do together. How awesome that Vista School helps teach kids to do fun (and awesome gross motor activities) stuff like ride bikes and scooters! I gotta come to visit next time I am in PA!! That’d be great if you keep your ears open about a smaller bike. As fast as kids grow, there just has to be an online resource for buying them used. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and input! =)

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