End of Year Letter

Camden’s General Education teacher sent home a letter stating that Camden was going to be the STAR student the last week of school. We were to send in a poster about him, his favorite book and thing, as well as a letter. Wanted to share so that you have an idea of his progress this year.

Dearest Camden,

So hard to believe this school year is almost over. You’ve done such a great job and learned so much! I am so very proud of you! Sometimes I come to school and watch you when you don’t know it. I like to see you in action, and to see how you do when I’m not around. Watching you brings me great joy. You respond so well to Ms. B. She is lots of fun and has high expectations for you (and it’s obvious that she cares a lot about you). One of the sweetest things to see is the interaction between you and Ms. M when you go to inclusion. The way that you two smile at each other is precious. She adores you and you seem to love her.

Your growing vocabulary and ability to use your words brings me such delight! My heart longs to share more and more with you and to know you even deeper. I know you work really hard to communicate, and I hope and pray that it will get easier and easier for you. When the words are hard to come by, just know that mommy adores you. I am so thankful to have you as my son. I love you completely as you are, and I am also going to do all that I can to help you be as healthy as possible.

I love how you’ve been so brave to try lots of new foods this year…and good foods at that! What fun for our entire family to share a meal together! Sitting together at the dinner table, singing our prayer, saying a blessing from the day, and eating a common meal is so precious to me. You have come so far kiddo!

The most special thing to me is hearing the name of Jesus on your lips. It never grows old. Hearing you sing the dinner prayer…hearing you sing various songs…or hearing you pray on your own…those things bring such joy to my heart. I want the best for you, Camden. All the best. But no one knows you and cares for you like Jesus. One of your favorite songs to sing and listen to is “God Works for the Good” from Romans 8:28. It’s such a great reminder for Mommy.

You are a super special boy, Camdenator!

I love you with all of my heart,



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