First-Round Draft Pick

We just wrapped up our first season with the Halos t-ball team.

Like many guys, my husband enjoys sports. Shortly after we had our first son (who is named after a baseball field), I remember telling him about the Upward League and how I thought it would be fun for our family someday. The idea of not keeping score seemed a little silly to him.

Much has changed since then. My husband’s fondness of and interest in sports has not. When I saw a Facebook post back in March about registering kiddos for a special needs t-ball league in our town, we talked about it and decided to give it a try. It was close to our home. Free. Little brother could participate as well. Etc.

I liked what I read in the flyer:

Did you know? Youth sports, especially special needs sports, can bring children an incredible feeling of self-worth. By providing an opportunity for children with disabilities to play t-ball in an organized league, we are promoting teamwork, social interaction, sportsmanship and communication. The benefits of participating in the Kiwanis Angel League extend beyond the baseball field and impact everyone involved—players, parents, sponsors, coaches, buddies, volunteers and fans.

They had me at worth, social interaction, and communication.

One of the things I appreciated most about this t-ball gig was the joy we experienced as a family. We all had a lot of fun. Sure, organized sports looks a bit different than what my husband may have envisioned. That doesn’t keep him from enjoying what is. Because really…whose life looks what they planned? We flex.

We also loved the volunteers with the Angel League. These precious people who showed up each week to invest in our kiddos and cheer them on. Lots of good people. So grateful for these folks! And it was a lot of fun to spend time with other special needs families. Lots of benefits all around.

If you have experience with a special needs sports league, I’d love to hear about it!

First Round Draft Pick

First Round Draft Pick8jpg First Round Draft Pick7 First Round Draft Pick6 First Round Draft Pick4 First Round Draft Pick2 First Round Draft Pick


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